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Elders come from all corners of the cosmos. They are fearless fighters from all imaginable races of every class and profession. Some may be hardy warriors, some skilled artisans or gifted clerics. Some may be daring rogues, while others are mystic magicians. Some live to fight battles, others live to heal. Some love to create and build, others to trade and deal. Others find joy in exploring new realms, others to delve in dungeons deep.

The Elders come in all shapes and sizes, all races, all genders.
The Elders are ageless.
In another realm they may count their years as being anywhere from 18 to 108 but being an Elder is not a matter of birthdays but one of positive sensibilities and sensible values.

Join with us and discover the many ways that these fascinating worlds can be enjoyed. We are building a mature guild community of players who interested in working as a group to help one another – to encourage, to lend a hand, a sword, a vital quest clue – whatever is necessary to make each member's experience the best that it can be. We will do end game runs, but we are not solely about end game. We want to broaden and enhance the focus of the game experience on all levels. – Together we can make our experiences in games a truly special, entertaining, angst and drama-free, time. Together we can enrich the games for all of us.

And remember our motto: "Illegitimi non carborundum !!!!!"
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Xwyla, Sep 20, 13 4:30 PM.
The Elders have always been an easy going guild with a relaxed emphasis on helping our fellow guild members and having a good time as we moved forward. Our plan has always been to progress with guild team runs & raids while maintaining a no-pressure, non-elitist, non-hard core approach.
So many of us have real life jobs and commitments that supply enough pressure - we don't want to get involved in a similar situation in this game! That being said, meeting challenges, testing our game skills and working together to achieve a solution to a tough raid scenario may wind some of us up briefly - but it need not be all humorless, hard core clamped down seriousness!! This is a game - not a second job. We are here to have fun!!

We believe it is possible to both kick butt in raids AND be a fun, friendly, casual type guild.
We believe there is a middle way between the merely social guilds and the hard core raiders.
We believe in "medium-core" 

We are looking for new people who share the same outlook as this guild. People who value long term game friendships, loyalty, support, humor & helpfulness. People who are in for the "long haul" as we work our way together progressing in Rift.

We have members who can tank - we have members who can heal - but these few cannot be expected to be available for everything all the time. Therefore tanks & healers are especially welcome but we will be delighted to have any and all classes.

If you are a mature adult with a sense of humor, a dash of patience and a desire to help a guild gear up and succeed in raids & runs - please consider applying to The Elders!!

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